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A Matter of Confidence: a brief example of ‘personalising’.

I’ve just been answering comments made on A Matter of Confidence: Personalising, and an example came to mind (thanks, Dina and Shahram). The distinction I make between personalisation and personalising is my own, not coined by someone wiser than me, it’s personal and non-scientific, but an example involving adults like yourselves would be as follows.

Imagine you’re learning a foreign language, and you’ve just been focusing on the equivalents of this lexis: salary, wage, tax, debt, bonus, earn, win, owe, spend, waste, invest, lose, buy, sell, borrow, lend, pay, pay for, cash, loan, overdraft, mortgage, rent, bills, credit card…..

Apparently, it makes the world go round…..  Image by Chiew Pang for eltpics

Got that? Now choose one of these activities to do with a partner or three:

A (Personalisation) Take it in turns to find out how much your partner earns and how they spend their money. What is the most expensive thing they have been able to buy themselves recently? Report back to the class about your partner.

B (Personalising) Look at the words above and choose five to comment on. What do those five words make you think of? Are they happy associations or not? Think for a few minutes and take notes if you wish. When you are ready, discuss your associations with your (three) partner(s). Write a summary of your discussion.

Which one would you choose? I’m talking about you in a class as a learner with, say, 24 other learners (or 34 or…), not all of whom are your best friends…  What do you think? Which are you more comfortable with? Do you think you’d learn the lexis more effectively? Why (not)?

More soon.


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