About me

I guess I should own up to who’s writing this blog… so here’s a brief Me thing (for an explanation of ‘macappella’, see the About section):


Hi, my name’s Fiona Mauchline, which is /ˈmɒxlɪn/ for those who’re interested in that sort of thing. Jobwise, I’m a teacher, teacher trainer and writer, and I live in Cáceres in Spain, an utterly beautiful place to live. I’ve also lived in Italy, France, Granada, Catalunya, the Canaries, and Seville, all in stark contrast to my red sandstone birthplace, Glasgow and my childhood Argyll. I’ve been on this earth almost as long as ‘I want to hold your hand’, and I’ve been teaching since ‘I want your sex’ (how times had changed in the interim).

From here....

I’m a single mum with two sons and one cat, and pay the bills by writing materials, mostly for secondary school students. I’ve written two courses (so far…), a heap of teachers books, a guide to using graded readers, and other bits n bobs, and yet, ironically, my main interest is dogme or unplugged teaching. I give workshops on various aspects of motivating teens in the L2 classroom and I enjoy what I do.

What little free time I have is spent reading, writing, painting, taking photos, in my garden, walking, with friends and intending to watch the hundreds of films on my shelves. Music is also a passion, vinyl and CD over soundfile. I tend to talk too much or not at all, I work too hard or sit dreaming. I can be a headless chicken or a creeping snail, a raging fire or a cool forest pool. I want to do 300 things, I know I’ll perhaps do 3. Life is good.

....to here.

Welcome to macappella. I hope you enjoy the ride.


6 responses to “About me

  1. Wanisa Ali

    Your CV express about your nice personality.

  2. Louise

    The question is – how do you fit it all in? Congratulations on the British Council recognition and I am looking forward to being enlightened. I’m hoping to get blog fever as I’m sick of trawling the net for innovative esl materials. (I also have to improve my own rather spartan blog!

  3. Cathy

    Whenever I talk to colleagues who’ve been working in Seville, I ask them if they’ve met you as we seem to have lost touch. Now I know why they always say ‘no’. Drop me a line if you’d like to. Would be great to hear your news.

  4. Hi Fiona
    I had spoken to you when attended the workshop in Viena de Castelo
    We would like to roganise the same in Abrantes, Portugal. Would really like to discuss with you the possiblility of doing it.

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