Mind’s ear and chalk face

This is where I post links to my guest posts elsewhere, webinars, that sort of thing. If you’re interested, have a peruse and a click..

Here’s a free, downloadable booklet wot I wrote about using graded readers in the classroom (attractively shortened to UGRIC).

Something I wrote for Ceri Jones on using translation in the classroom……..is it a no go? Nah, it’s another tool in your belt!

Two short stories for B2ish and above (I write my Blood, sweat and gazpacho blog under my mother’s maiden name).

An anecdote from my trip to Palestine. (more recent posts tell the story of how on earth I ended up being a teacher… a series of posts which is a work-in-progress đŸ˜‰ )

A micro-interview with ELT Jam.

A blog post on picking the challenges faced at the start of a new academic year.

A webinar, also with a reference to a song in the title, but on activating learners’ imaginations in teen and adult classrooms.

Have a look here for a webinar I gave on personalising the teen coursebook. It’s named after a great song.

Here are my thoughts on Sugata Mitra (click).

And here are the second and third parts of the same post (clickety-click), though on Neil Postman and beyond. There will be more on Stained glass window soon…..

2 responses to “Mind’s ear and chalk face

  1. Daniel

    Could you explain me what’s the meaning of the expression “chalk face”? There is this expression in a poem by C. Bukowsky (“Dinosauria, we”), and I can’t understand what he meant by that… In my dicionary, it says chalk is some kind of mineral, but that doesn’t make much sense… anyway, I hope you can help me with that.

    • It just means a working teacher, a teacher working in the classroom – chalk is what we write on the board with, the white stuff. It is a kind of mineral, as it is part of the lime family in geology – some of the huge carvings on hills in England are white because the hills are chalk – but here it just refers to the practical part of teaching, not the theoretical.

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